Boost Your Productivity By Running Effective Agile Meetings

I'm thrilled to launch my new course about running effective collaborative meetings!

After 10+ years of working with this stuff I finally got the time to create this course. And it's about time, if you ask me!

Learn This

  • Run meetings that give results without wasting people's time and energy
  • Fix your agile team: run retrospective meetings the way they were meant
  • Deal with problematic people in your meetings
  • Add facilitation skills to your CV
  • Find team issues and turn those into valuable improvements
  • Learn a five step method to create retrospective meetings
  • Deal with problematic people and handle yourself when things heat up

Turn Your Meetings Into Valuable Time Savers

Running effective meetings is a crucial skill in any workplace today. It saves time, gives immediate results and is highly appreciated: People know you will make their time well spent. So this is something you need to know. This course shows you how.

Make Your Team More Productive

Being able to transform your group into a highly productive team is a dream come true for any organisation and it makes your work more fun and rewarding. It also gives you the upper hand in any meeting or when dealing with other people in your daily life.

This course is your one-stop resource for everything you ever wanted to know about running collaborative retrospective meetings!

No other course comes even close to this.

If you're struggling today with your team or your meetings, this is the solution!

I'll even go so far as to say that after taking this course you will become much better at creating and running meetings. You will also know how to use this to help your team take the next step to more productivity and better collaboration.

Get a Huge Discount Now

To celebrate this launch, I'm using an introductory price:

$49 until December 7th

This is cheap as it is, but since you're reading this on my blog, I'm giving you a limited offer only available for the first students who enrolls now!

50% discount on the introduction price!

Take this course, put it to use, and I guarantee it will improve how your team work and how you run your meetings.

Use this link to get the course.

Again, please note: this discount is only valid until December 7th. After that, the price will rise.

After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you like and 30 day money back guarantee if you're not happy!

You'll also get an exclusive e-book. Only available only for course students! The book contains handpicked, effective meeting activities with detailed instructions when and how to use them.

You get access to a discussion forum where I'll be answering all your course related questions ASAP.

So don't wait around. Join now and fix your meetings tomorrow!

At the end of this course you’ll have the skills to create your own awesome meetings to take the next step to more productivity and get you started on your journey to becoming an even better meeting facilitator.

Please send me your feedback, because I will be adding more material based on that. And thank you in advance for your support.

I'm looking forward to seeing you inside!


** UPDATE: It seems people like it! I'm humbled :-)

"Excellent! This course gives deep insight into how an effective culture can be created and processed. Thumbs up for all practical tips, they will become very useful in my future projects." 

"Great about fixing teams! I'm impressed with all the details about running meetings. I also liked the step by step section where the instructor talks about how to create the meetings, it's clear he knows his stuff. I'm a Scrum master and yes this is really useful. Highly recommended!"

"A Collaboration Kickstarter! Martin is delivering a nice set of tools for anyone in need of collaboration improvements. The videos keep a high quality easy to follow. The attached document is also a nice summarization. This will definitely boost my upcoming meetings!"